Nick Diaz and Nevada Athletic Commission Reach Agreement (UPDATED)

Nick Diaz‘s trouble with the Nevada Athletic Commission have reportedly been resolved.

Diaz tested positive to marijuana in relation to his UFC 183 headlining bout with Anderson Silva in January of 2015. After narrowly averting a lifetime suspension and then having a five-year suspension reduced to 18 months, Diaz still had to pay a hefty fine.  He was originally fined $165,000.  That was later reduced to $100,000.  He finished serving his 18-month sentence on Aug. 1, but had an outstanding balance of $75,000 with the commission. 

Nick Diaz 091415 Hearing_4390On Wednesday, Diaz came to an agreement with the commission according to a report by  The details of the agreement were not available, but Diaz is now free to “participate in all combat sport-related activities” in the state of Nevada. 

Nevada Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett later confirmed the news to, clarifying that Diaz had worked out a payment plan with the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

“The Attorney General and Nick Diaz have agreed on a payment plan for Nick,” said Bennett. “This will authorized Nick to fight, work corners, etc.”

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Under the suspension, Diaz was barred from competing in Nevada or corning fighters, including his brother Nate.  Diaz hasn’t fought since January 2015, but the door is now open for him to step back into the cage and also to serve as a cornerman. 

(UPDATED on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, to include Nevada Athletic Commission confirmation and clarification.)

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