Nick Diaz Accuses Georges St-Pierre of Being on Steroids, Wants a Rematch

December 23, 2015

During an appearance on the You’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen podcast, Nick Diaz accused former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre of being on steroids when the two fought in Quebec at UFC 158 in 2013.

Diaz didn’t just accuse St-Pierre, he believes every fighter is using performance enhancing drugs except himself, his brother Nate and Frankie Edgar.

Nick-Diaz-UFC-137-Press-01-478x270“I’m pretty convinced about everybody is on steroids. I mean everybody. I’m the only one, me and my brother. I don’t think Frankie [Edgar] is on steroids, but a lot of these guys, they’re on steroids,” said the outspoken Diaz. “As far as I’m concerned, everybody’s on steroids. Georges St. Pierre was on steroids when I fought him.”

The 32-year-old from Stockton called into question the procedure used to gather urine samples for the event and the handling of the samples. He provided a sample for the commission, but says he was never tested. He knows this because he didn’t test positive to marijuana.

“They didn’t test us because I would have tested positive for sure on that fight. I thought it was my last fight ever. What do I care? It’s like almost asking too much to win and not give away that fine. I’m like what do I care about the fine,” he said.

“They didn’t test nobody for no steroids. They didn’t test nobody for smoking weed out there in Canada, and he didn’t’ have to make weight,” he added.

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Diaz rekindled the weigh-in controversy that surrounded the event. The Quebec commission (the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux) did not count decimals when weighing the fighters. St-Pierre later admitted to weighing in at 170.4 pounds during an interview with Canadian news outlet

“This guy didn’t make weight. He missed weight by three pounds or more when I fought him. It’s not even a one-pound allowance in a title fight. That fight shouldn’t have been a title fight, and I should have gotten an immediate rematch. He missed (expletive) weight. He (expletive) missed weight. He didn’t make weight. How is that not news?” he questioned. “That’s why they wanted that fight over there, so they could (expletive) cheat.”

Diaz, who is currently under suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for testing positive for marijuana following his UFC 183 bout against Anderson Silva, wants a rematch with St-Pierre.

“That dude needs to come back and give me another fight as far as I’m concerned. As long as I can fight. They did not test him for steroids for that fight. They did not test us.”

(WARNING: Video contains explicit language)

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