Newly Crowned KOTC Champ Juan Archuleta, Preparing for Eventual UFC Signing

Heading into his June 4 fight with Chris Tickle for the King of the Cage featherweight title, Juan Archuleta knew it was going to be a difficult bout, and he got exactly what he was expecting.

Knowing what to expect from Tickle, Archuleta was able to adapt to his opponent and came out of the fight with a second round TKO and a title belt around his waist.

“He’s a brawler, a gamer, so I made a lot of adjustments going into the fight,” Archuleta told “I train with Joe Stevenson and Zach Padilla, and they’re really good with boxing and MMA. They were able to help me make adjustments going into the fight.

“He stopped a lot of my takedowns and a lot of striking, so I had to push had through because he’s a tough opponent. I felt it was going to be a brawl and an intense fight, and I was able to come out with a victory, so that’s good.”

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With the win over Tickle, Archuleta has won six in a row, adding to his overall 10-1 record. It’s a streak he’s been able to put together because of his non-stop work ethic in the gym.

“I’m a very diligent worker,” said Archuleta. “I spend about 12 hours a day just training MMA, doing every discipline possible, and getting my conditioning and strength up there where I can compete.

“Just being resilient with my training and having a good team behind me, it makes sure that I’ve got everything down.”

Now that he has a title, the next step for Archuleta is defending it, and seeing where that takes him in the second half of 2016.

“We’re just going to keep taking fights as they come,” he said. “Hopefully we can get some good fighters to step up.

“To me, I see the UFC as like the top of the podium, but I feel like I want to be a complete mixed martial artist before I get in there. That’s the ultimate goal. I’m with KOTC, and we’re going to keep working until I’m one of the top fighters in the world before I get into the UFC.”

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