New York Assembly Leader Says MMA Not Likely to See Sanctioning In 2011

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver confirms earlier reports that the bill to legalize mixed martial arts in the state will likely never see the light of day to vote it in for 2011.

It does not appear mixed martial arts will find a home in New York in 2011.

According to New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver who spoke to New York Daily News on Wednesday, a bill to regulate the sport in the state will likely never see the light of day on the Assembly floor for a vote.

“There does not appear to be widespread support in the Assembly for this legislation,” Silver said about getting the bill before the Assembly prior the June 20 cutoff for this legislative session.

Silver has never stated on the record if he publicly agrees or disagrees with MMA being legal in the state, but he does hold the power to put a bill before the general assembly for a vote, or insure that it doesn’t make it that far.

Just days ago, the New York State Assembly committee for Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Developments voted to approve the sport in the state with a vote of 17-3.

Unfortunately, it’s similar to 2009 where the sport was approved in the same committee by a vote of 16-3.

The bill will now go through the Codes Committee where he’s likely to receive similar votes of approval, but it’s expected at that point to die on the vine and never make it to a final vote.

Several Assemblyman and State Senators in New York have spoken out in support of MMA’s legalization in the state, which currently faces a growing deficit in their budge, and the influx of instant cash produced by MMA events in the state seems to be main point in why the sport should be legal, when it’s already sanctioned in so many other areas.

“Every other state seems to think this is a good idea,” said Codes Committee chairman Joseph Lentol.

The bill could cross Democrats in the Senate and Assembly because they control the majority of both houses in the New York government, but both proponents and opponents exist within the party.

For now however, it appears Madison Square Garden will remain empty for a potential MMA event in 2011.