New Documentary On Stephan Bonnar

Press Release
“From Start to Stitches: The True Life of Stephan Bonnar”

A documentary/biography covering the life story of Stephan Bonnar. Including interviews, pictures and highlight tapes. All stemming back from his childhood up to current day.

The ups and downs of life before and during his path of becoming a professional fighter. What made him pursue martial arts, what it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to be the best he possibly can. What keeps him motivated and dedicated to becoming and remaining a world class fighter. And most of all, what he hopes to accomplish by doing so.

*We are currently in the pre-production phase.

*We are set to begin filming in early to mid October.

*The film is set to be released on DVD in early 2006.

*Official film soundtrack containing un-signed hard rock and metal bands with all original music will be released at the same time.

*Official film trailer is set to be released on-line in early August.

*The first one thousand copies of the film and soundtrack will be packaged together in limited edition cases with Stephan’s hand-written signature on the front of each case.

*The first one thousand copies will be available for reserved purchasing in early to mid November.

*We are still accepting new sponsors for the film.

*Anyone wishing to sponsor this project can contact me anytime, we will continue to accept new sponsors until mid September.

*Official name releases of the films sponsors will be announced in late September.

*Official name releases of the bands that will be featured in the film and on the soundtrack will be announced in late September.

Phil McBurnie –