Press Release
(UFC President Dana White with Never Submit Producer Cindy Ortiz and Imperia Entertainment President James Hergott.)

UFC Fighters To Be Featured In Imperia Entertainment’s Mixed Martial Arts Movie “Never Submit” and High Profile Executive Producer Announced

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.-(SportsWire)—August 2, 2006/ Imperia Entertainment (Pink Sheets: IPRE) President James Hergott announced today that he has received permission to use fighters from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the upcoming mixed martial arts movie entitled Never Submit. Hergott and Never Submit Producer Cindy Ortiz met with UFC President Dana White in his Las Vegas office on Friday July 21st, 2006 to discuss the project and use of UFC contract fighters in the movie.

Ortiz comments, “The meeting went well. Mr. White and Mr. Hergott share a lot of the same goals on how the sport of MMA should be depicted on the silver screen and ensuring an accurate portrayal was number one on both of their lists. I think Mr. White appreciated the fact Mr. Hergott himself has been a martial arts practitioner for nearly half of his life. Hergott’s passion for this sport was obvious to me from the moment I read his script (Never Submit). White was interested in helping the young director and I feel his generosity in allowing us to showcase UFC fighters in the movie will have a huge impact on the realism of the film.”

Hergott comments, “As a former Judo competitor, I have closely followed this sport and have been a fan of MMA since its North American introduction in 1993. Mixed martial arts is gaining true mainstream acceptance which in large part is due to the success of the UFC and the Spike TV hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter that recently completed filming its fourth season. Never Submit will appeal to the hardcore fans as well as expose movie goers to this emerging sport who may know very little, if anything, about MMA when they enter the theater. My goal is to turn as many of them into fans as possible by the closing credits.”

Hergott continues, “It is my intent as writer and director to portray the sport of MMA, the athletes competing in it and the fans supporting it in a positive light. MMA isn’t a barbaric underground blood sport like it has been depicted in the past by other filmmakers. It’s a very intellectual sport; a physical chess match between men. This movie will showcase the courage, integrity, commitment, athleticism and sportsmanship found in these modern day gladiators and I’m looking forward to telling their stories.”

According to Hergott, “Dana is a true visionary as well as a great business man who shares my dedication and passion for this sport. I have wanted to do a movie about MMA since before Zuffa even acquired the UFC, but I just wasn’t in a position to do so until now. I very much admire what he has been able to accomplish in this industry over the past few years and I recognize his success is a direct result of the fact he never stopped believing in this sport or his company.”

Hergott continues, “I’m looking forward to working with fighters from all three seasons of The Ultimate Fighter as well as those competing in the live UFC events. Never Submit will provide great exposure for these guys who want to experience what it’s like being on the silver screen. Quite a few fighters aspire to become actors and I appreciate the fact Dana has been proactive in making this opportunity available to fighters representing the UFC organization. He truly cares about who they are and what they want to accomplish in their lives and he could have just as easily said ‘no’ when approached about it.”

Ms. Ortiz comments, “Mixed martial arts is regulated and sanctioned by numerous state athletic commissions (20 so far in North America) because they recognize it to be a legitimate sport just like baseball, football and basketball. Professional fighters are just as much professional athletes as the elite performers found in other sports. I feel that Never Submit will be a movie with widespread appeal and the action is going to keep movie goers on the edge of their seats just like it does millions of spectators flocking to live MMA events every year around the globe.”

Ortiz continues, “The script doesn’t present MMA as the hobby it is for some, nor does it focus on amateur level competitors. Never Submit showcases the intensity of professional fighting and takes you inside the world of this very controversial sport, something James Hergott knows quite a bit about. It is a pleasure to be involved with this project because I think it’s going to succeed in helping fighters to gain the long overdue respect and recognition they deserve as well as help solidify MMA as a true sport in a mainstream environment.”