Never saw UFC 1? Watch it now, FREE! (full event video)

(Courtesy of UFC)

You never saw UFC 1? You didn’t witness Royce Gracie’s remarkable run through a one-night, eight-man, no-holds-barred tournament? 

UFC 1: The Beginning took place on November 12, 1993. The inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship event featured an eight-man tournament with no weight classes, no rules, and no judges. The first ever event to determine the superior fighter in any and every fighting style and martial arts discipline.

Gracie was the man to win it all, but there were several other amazing moment’s along the way. Art Jimmerson thought it would be smart, as a boxer, to fight with one glove. Gerard Gordeau knocked out Teila Tuli with a head kick that sent the sumo wrestler’s tooth flying into the audience. Ken Shamrock brought his submission skills back from Japan to submit Pat Smith.

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If you were unable to witness the first-ever UFC, or even if you did and just want to relive it, take a look back at UFC 1: The Beginning and Royce Gracie forever etching his name in mixed martial arts history.