by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
The last winner of the “Ultimate Fighter” is looking for the biggest fights possible, and the quickest route to getting a title shot, and nothing much else interests him as far as fights go.

That’s the word from Roy Nelson, who spoke with MMAWeekly.com about his next fight, and while rumors are swirling that he will face Junior Dos Santos, he falls short of confirming the fight but does say facing the Brazilian intrigues him quite a bit.

“That might be a fight that might happen. I’m hoping, all you can do is hope,” Nelson said about facing Dos Santos.

It’s the upper tier fighters in the heavyweight division that interest Nelson for his next fight. He’s made no secret that he wants a path to the title, and the best way to do that is to face the best in the division, and he’s lobbying to face any of them.

“Hopefully it’s somebody in that Frank Mir to Cheick Kongo to (Junior) Dos Santos, I would like Cain Velasquez, any of those guys would be good. Cain’s not going to fight me cause he’s going to be on the back burner.”

Overall though he admits that facing someone like Frank Mir doesn’t really interest him all that much due to the recent instability of a few of the top heavyweights coming off losses recently.

“Not really,” Nelson answered when asked if he would rather face Mir. “If you think about who’s out there fighting for the belt, or getting ready to fight for the belt it would be Brock (Lesnar) of course and Shane (Carwin), and then right underneath them it’s Dos Santos and Velasquez. So those are the four guys I’m looking for that can kind of catapult me right into belt contention.”

At this point nothing has been signed, but Nelson is ready to fight whenever the UFC comes calling. The sooner he can get to a title shot, the happier Roy Nelson will be.

MMAWeekly.com will have more information regarding Roy Nelson’s next fight in the coming days.