Nearing the End of His Career, Matt Lindland Has One More Run in Him

November 6, 2011

Matt Lindland at UFC 54

Matt Lindland at UFC 54

At one time just a few years ago, Matt Lindland was considered possibly the top middleweight in the entire sport of MMA.

The Team Quest fighter had faced some of the top competition in the world at 185lbs, and was actually rumored to face current pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva in Cage Rage in England before a more lucrative offer came across his plate and the fight never materialized.

Over the last two years, Lindland has gone just 1-4 in his fight career and suffered some tough losses along the way including two vicious knockouts courtesy of Vitor Belfort and Robbie Lawler.

As Lindland enters a new phase of his career where he’s taken on a roll with media company Takedown Entertainment as an advisor and continues to work with up and coming athletes at his gym in Oregon, the former Olympic silver medalist says he’s not done with fighting just yet, but the twilight of his career is upon him.

“I think I’m nearing the end of that, I’m 41, but if I got the right offers and the right contract, and I’ve been looking at some stuff recently, early this spring,” Lindland said when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio.

“I think I’ve got at least another tournament or one more run at it with a promotion company that wants to get behind and support, and try to push that envelope.”

No longer under contract to Strikeforce or Zuffa, Lindland still feels like he has one more run in his career because his competitive juices are still flowing.

“I really believe I still possess all the skills and my skills keep getting better. I learn something new everyday. I’m having a lot of fun coaching, I’m having a lot of fun running the gym, and working with Takedown and the promotion. As an athlete, it’s so hard to give that up. It’s not something you do for the money, it’s something you do intrinsically because you like to compete and you like to prove you can still get out there and compete,” said Lindland.

“Age starts to catch up with you and it slows you down and it does make you a little less active.”

While Lindland wouldn’t reveal the promotion he’s currently in negotiations with, he does believe that this will be his shot at one last run in competitive MMA. He admits it’s hard to see the end of the road ahead, but he’s realistic about where he stands in regards to his place in MMA.

“I think I’m going to go ahead and just throw caution to the wind this spring and if this contract comes to fruition and I sign with this new promotion company, and we’re just going to jump in this tournament and go in there to win,” Lindland stated.

“You can’t do this forever.”

Lindland recently promoted the latest installment of the SportFight series in his home state of Oregon, a promotion he started several years ago with former Team Quest partner Randy Couture. He’s also taking a more active role with Takedown Enterntainment, but looks at 2012 as his chance to take another shot in the cage.

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