Nathan Coy Captures Title at MFC 33

Nathan CoyIn one of the most one-sided fights of recent memory, Nathan Coy looked absolutely fantastic in dispatching Ryan McGillivray en route to MFC’s vacant welterweight championship at MFC 33 on Friday night.

Coy (11-4) used superior wrestling and brutal elbows to bloody his opponent for three rounds. While McGillivray was willing to go back into the fight, the ringside physician would not allow it.

As soon as the fight hit the mat in the first round, it was all Nathan Coy, so much so that rounds two and three would have been scored 10-8.

McGillivray showed a lot of heart, but as Greg Jackson was telling him to “wake up,” viewers could tell that McGillivray was no longer responding and that the fight needed to be stopped. And it was at this time (between rounds three and four) that it was.

Coy was determned the winner by doctor stoppage after the greatest performance of his career.

Prior to the main event, Muay Thai fighter Mukai Maromo took home a very contentious split decision victory over Adam Lynn.

The fight primarily consisted of Mukai getting the better of Lynn on the feet (for the first minute of each round) and Lynn taking his opponent down and staying on top for the next four.

Pat Militech referrered to the fight as the “worst decision (he’s) ever seen.”

Mark Pavelich (Owner of MFC), though, decided by the end of the night that the two would fight again in August, this time for the vacant lightweight title.

MFC 33 Full Results:

Nathan Coy def. Ryan McGillivray (Doctor Stoppage)
Mukai Maromo def. Adam Lynn (Split Decision)
Luke Harris def. Edwin Dewees (Submission, Guillotine Choke)
Jamie Toney def. Andrew Buckland (Unanimous Decision)
Diego Bautista and Sabah Fadai (No Contest)
Derek Parker and Jared McComb (Draw)
Matt Jelly def. Garrett Nybakken (Submission, Armbar)
Josh Kitchen def. Mike Scarcello (TKO)

By Kyle Tellier, courtesy of content partner
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