Nate Quarry’s World Domination Starts With American Cage Fighter

January 8, 2011

Nate Quarry

Nate Quarry

UFC middleweight Nate Quarry is ready to take over the world.

Well, maybe not literally, but he’s expanding his reach beyond the cage to explore new avenues in the television world, as well as clothing lines, comic books and even a film screenplay.

The multi-talented cast member of the inaugural season of “The Ultimate Fighter” is ready to debut his new-found talent as an on-air personality starting this Sunday night at 10 p.m. PT on Comcast Sports Net for “American Cage Fighter.”

“I’m just trying to take over the world one step at a time,” Quarry joked when speaking with MMAWeekly Radio. “I’m in studio now, we’re filming our first few episodes of American Cage Fighter. We’re really going behind the scenes to see what’s in a fighter’s heart and their mind, and really back beyond the cage. Beyond what you normally see with the bright lights, we want to know what motivates these fighters, what’s going on behind them.”

The show will reach 15 million potential viewers and goes behind the scenes more than any MMA news show before, with Quarry at the helm, playing interviewer instead of interviewee.

“I’m sitting down and interviewing guys one on one, just so we can get a feel for what their motivation is in the fight game,” he said.

Quarry hopes the show reaches a new audience with MMA fans and casual sports fans alike, as they delve deeper into the fighter’s lives out of the cage. During the first few episodes of the show, Quarry and co-host Tamara “Miss RaRa” Suguitan will speak to fighters like Urijah Faber, Joseph Benavidez, Jake Shields, Tito Ortiz, and others from around the sport.

The former Team Quest fighter is also busy at work on his new clothing line called Zombie Cage Fighter. Quarry says since he’s the kind of unstoppable fighter that just always moves forward and never dies, the zombie persona fit him perfectly.

“It’s something I first announced on G4 on ‘Attack of the Show’ and everybody seemed to love it,” Quarry explained. “Since then I’ve expanded it, I’m really close to having a screenplay done now, we’re working on the comic book, launched the t-shirts.”

Quarry, who is an admitted comic book junkie, has his hand in all facets of the new business. He also believes that fans in the MMA world are looking for something different, and not the same old, same old when it comes to the branding around the fight game.

“I think we’ve reached a point in the fight culture where people are getting a little tired of trying to look like a bad ass 24/7 with the skull t-shirts,” said Quarry. “They want to go back to having a little bit of fun, cause really we’re out living our dreams.”

He points to his own first season of “The Ultimate Fighter” when it was just a group of guys looking for their shot, when nothing was guaranteed. It’s that spirit he wants to instill with his clothing brand and comic books.

Quarry has stated he’s unsure what the future holds for him in regards to his fight career, but it’s likely that “Rock” won’t be stepping away from the MMA world any time soon.

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