Nate Quarry Picks Up Basketball Shoe Sponsor?

Believe it or not, a company that primarily specializes in basketball related shoes and apparel is sponsoring Nate Quarry, beginning with his UFC 91 fight on Nov. 15 against Demian Maia.

Say what?

Yes, it’s true. According to a report by Mike Chiappetta on NBC Sports, And1 has decided to sponsor Quarry even though he can’t even where the shoes in the Octagon.

“On paper it almost makes no sense whatsoever. I can’t wear basketball shoes into the octagon,” Quarry told Chiappetta with a laugh. “But And1 believes it’s great exposure for their overall brand.”

“Certainly, this is a basketball brand, but we have to be willing to throw traditional logic out the door and capitalize on opportunities,” said Rod Keller of And1. “More and more athletes like Steve Blake train with MMA training methods. It’s a phenomenal workout. So is there a correlation to basketball? Yes. Is it logical? No.”

Keller indicated that they are a small company that likes to work with “unique” and upstanding individuals, and felt that Quarry fit the mold. And1 is wants to reach the MMA crowd and they’re going to use Quarry and his exposure in the UFC to make their breach into the market.