by Nate Marquardt for MMAWeekly.com (Photo by PishnaPhoto.com)

It’s Wednesday night here in lovely London, England where I will be<br /> fighting Thales Leites on Saturday night

(Photo courtesy of
April Pishna – PishnaPhoto.com)


It’s Wednesday night here in lovely London, England
where I will be fighting Thales Leites on Saturday night.  We arrived
Tuesday morning and I am still fighting the jet lag, but I expect it to be gone
by Friday.


I went to a gym where my friend, Rob Sulski, runs a
grappling class.  I did my little fight week workout to get the blood
flowing and stretched out.  My coaches Trevor Wittman and Greg Jackson
will get in tomorrow and another friend, James Zikic, will meet me at the


I am not one of those guys who needs a big entourage, but it
is nice to be around my brothers in arms before a fight.


At this point my main goals are to keep focused, stay relaxed,
rest, and keep my weight down.  I will start doing little tricks of the
trade tomorrow to get my weight down.  Then Friday, I will wake up,
check my weight, and hit the sauna.


I will probably wake up at about 192 and only have to cut 6
or 7 pounds.  It will be easy and then I will enjoy a nice dinner


Then it’s on to watch a movie, relax and go to bed,
because on Saturday the fun begins!!! 




Marquardt faces Thales Leites at UFC
on June 7 at the O2 Arena in London. You can check out his personal
websites at
NateMarquardt.com and myspace.com/natemarquardt. He has his own academy in
Denver called
Altitude Martial Arts
and also trains at T’s KO Fight Club in Denver and at Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, N.M. Marquardt
is sponsored by
Tapout and is currently ranked as the
No. 5 middleweight fighter in the world by MMAWeekly.com.