Nate Loughran Opts Out of UFC; More Outs Likely

Nate Loughran, who trains at the NorCal Fighting Alliance with Dave Terrell, has been granted his release from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. According to manager Tom Call, the separation was amicable.

“Nate is going to drop to the 170-pound division (he was competing at 185 pounds) and is going to take a couple of fights in smaller show,” said Call. “If successful, we expect him back in the UFC.”

Loughran currently has a 1-1 record in the UFC, but is 9-1 overall as a professional. After defeating little known Johnny Rees in his Octagon debut, Loughran most recently dropped a TKO loss due to injury in a bout with Tim Credeur. His suffered from a broken rib that was slightly dislocated, as well as some cartilage damage from the bout.

“(There were) absolutely no bad feelings. Nate was treated extremely fair (by the UFC),” added Call. “I would expect Nate to be ready to fight in July or August.”

It’s really no surprise that the UFC would be willing to work with some of its fighters to negotiate at least a temporary release. At last count the Zuffa (the UFC’s parent company) had some 250 odd fighters under contract. Even if Zuffa put 12 bouts (or 24 fighters) on every fight card, it would take more than 10 events to get every fighter on the roster just one fight.

With most fighters signed to multi-fight per year deals, that makes it very difficult to get everyone the necessary amount of fights their contracts require. So don’t be surprised if you see more fighters negotiating out of contracts or being out and out cut, especially following a loss or two.