Nate Landwehr: ‘I’m Going to Smash’ Julio Cesar Neves at Brave CF 3

March 15, 2017

While he might not have been as active as he would have wanted in 2016, featherweight prospect Nate Landwehr had a successful year, picking up wins in both his fights.

Looking back on his performances, first against Diego Saravia in March, and then Solon Staley in November, Landwehr feels he did about as well as he could have in both matches.

“I had two fights, and won both of them, but I wish I could have fought more,” Landwehr told “It happens, and you’ve just got to stay grinding.

“I finished Diego in the first round, real easy, and he was a veteran. Then we brought in (Staley) who was South Carolina’s number one fighter, and it was close, but I still defeated him.”

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For his next fight, Landwehr will be traveling outside the U.S. for the first time, as he heads to Brazil. Though he knows he’ll have to make some adjustments, Landwehr is confident he’ll be fine.

“It’s a big deal to me,” said Landwehr. “I’m going to the top, so this is what I’ve got to get used to: Flying out of the country and getting in what I need to get in.

“I’m going to show up, make weight, show up for the fight the next day and beat him. I’m going to have to deal with the time difference, the culture difference, but I’m going to go down and do my thing, and come back better.”

On Saturday in Curitiba, Brazil, Landwehr (8-2) takes on Bellator veteran Julio Cesar Neves (32-1) in a main card 145-pound bout at Brave CF 3.

“I’m going to have to hit him hard and hit him often,” Landwehr said of Neves. “He’s a tall guy, so I have to get in on him, and when I’m in on him I have to hurt him – that’s the simplest explanation.

“He’s put in the work, I’ve put in the work, and we’re going to who’s the best man. I feel it’s me and not him, hands down. I’m going to smash him.”

With a win on March 18, Landwehr believes he can be placed on a track to get himself to the next level sooner than later.

“I feel like I’m at that level right now,” said Landwehr. “I’m just waiting for a call. I could go anywhere and be a star.

“I’m knocking cats out cold, I can go the distance, I’ve got the cardio, I’ve got grit, and I’ve got heart – everything I need. I’m just waiting. Once they see me, they’re going to know they’ve got the real deal.”

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