Nate Diaz will be tested for marijuana by Texas Commission

May 11, 2023

Nate Diaz, who is an outspoken supporter of marijuana use will be tested for the drug before he fights Jake Paul in Texas.

“Mr. Diaz will be held to the same rules as everyone else who competes in combative sports events in Texas,” the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation told MMA Junkie.

The news seemed to come as a surprise to Diaz who was asked about it during the Paul vs. Diaz press conference on Tuesday.

Diaz has previously been at odds with USADA over testing and famously smoked weed during a 2022 sample collection and even offered a hit to the man administering the test.

“This man won’t get out of my house because I didn’t give him enough piss. I pissed all I can, my n****. How many liters do I do? I’ve got two more liters of piss I’ve got to give him and he won’t get out of here until [then]. DK is my guy but USADA can f****** suck a d***. Come back in six hours, I’ll give you two more. Sorry DK,” Diaz said in the video.

If Diaz fails the test it would likely happen after the fight, but could result in a changed fight result, a suspension and a fine.