Nate Diaz Slaps His Way into Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor Feud

January 13, 2019

Nate Diaz may not have set foot in the Octagon in nearly two and a half years, but he’s managed to hijack the feud between UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor.

McGregor recently made a lengthy post on Instagram, butchering former sparring partner, boxer Paulie Malignaggi and Nurmagomedov. It didn’t take long for the champ to respond, as Nurmagomedov posted a short clip of him submitting McGregor and saying, “You will live with this shame all your life.”

Diaz was briefly linked to a fight with Dustin Poirier, which was scheduled for UFC 230 on Nov. 3, 2018. He even attended a press conference to announce the fight. Diaz, however, never seemed all that interested in the fight, having long focused on a third bout with McGregor as his target. Within weeks, the Diaz vs. Poirier fight fell apart.

Diaz is now inserting himself in the midst of two of the biggest draws in the lightweight division, if not the entire sport. When Nurmagomedov and McGregor fought at UFC 229, they reportedly accounted for 2.4 million pay-per-view buys, which is a UFC record.

Despite his spotty record in the cage, Diaz jumped on the feud between Nurmagomedov and McGregor, apparently trying to land a “big money” fight, should he ever get back in the cage. 

“I slapped you in your head. You and your team didn’t do s–t,” Diaz tweeted. “Live with that. You are all pussies.”

Diaz has essentially been mostly a non-factor in fight discussions for the past couple of years, since he seems unwilling to step into the Octagon with anyone that isn’t named McGregor. Surely he would return for a fight with Nurmagomedov, although the UFC isn’t likely to give him a shot at the champion. 

Despite Diaz’s lack of activity in the cage, Nurmagomedov couldn’t let his slight pass without a response.

“You was hiding behind security and ran away, coward. It’s clear on the video,” wrote Nurmagomedov in conjunction with a video of the incident. 

“We just smashed your team that night, you punk.”

Of course, Diaz isn’t one to not have the last word, so he quickly addressed Nuramgomedov’s response:

All this is so much social media chatter that isn’t likely to produce anything more than online entertainment for the rest of us, as Diaz hasn’t appeared willing to take a fight, and Nuramgomedov and McGregor are currently sidelined dealing with the adjudication of the disciplinary complaints filed against them by Nevada for their involvement in the UFC 229 post-fight melee ignited by Nurmagomedov.

In the meantime, welcome to another edition of “As the MMA World Turns.”

Dana White is Done Trying to Decipher the Nate Diaz Code

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