Nate Diaz slams door on speculation that he’s retired

Earlier in the week, Nate Diaz made an ambiguous post on Instagram alluding to his retirement. Just a few days later, he’s shutting the door on any speculation.

“F*** a rematch, this s**t was over before it started. I’m goin on out on tour. Peace out fight game,” Diaz said, leaving many of us wondering if he was simply taking a break or had decided that he was done for good.

Diaz appeared frustrated with the way the fight game is going after his UFC 244 headlining bout with Jorge Masvidal was cut short by the cageside doctor. The New York official called a halt to the bout following the third round because of cuts over and below Diaz’s right eye.

Diaz and Masvidal both were quick to call for a rematch, but UFC president Dana White shunned the idea, saying Diaz would need plastic surgery and Masvidal would likely have other fights before a rematch were possible.

Diaz walked away with a craw full of frustration, alluding to the f***ery already beginning. He took to Instagram to make his “peace out” comment.

He returned to social media on Saturday tweeting a photo of him hitting Masvidal in the face and adding, “This is the time in the fight where him and I realized he didn’t wanna be in this fight anymore.”

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Nate Diaz is not retired!

Aside from taking the dig at Masvidal, Diaz also commented to ESPN, telling the outlet, “Who said I was retired? I’ll fight tonight.”

Riding a three-fight winning streak, Masvidal is edging into possible title contention. Diaz, however, remains a wild card. Following a loss to Conor McGregor, he stepped away for three years before returning to defeat Anthony Pettis and the fight with UFC 244 headlining fight with Masvidal.

Dana White flip-flopped on whether or not Nate Diaz was stopped early at UFC 244

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