Nate Diaz Says He Won’t Return to UFC in 2017

Nate Diaz has been on a break. And it appears he’s going to remain on a break for the foreseeable future.

Though the UFC has offered him a couple of fights this year, Diaz said on Wednesday that the circumstances have not been quite right to pull him out of his triathlon racing endeavors.

“I think they are trying to bring (me and brother Nick) back in, but everybody’s starting rumors, trying to put the pressure on us,” Diaz said during a special edition of The MMA Hour on Wednesday. “The pressure is not going to get to me. If you want me to fight somebody, all you have to do is call me and ask.”

The UFC did call and ask; once for a fight with Eddie Alvarez and once for a fight with Tony Ferguson.

Nate DiazDiaz explained that he really had no interest in fighting Alvarez unless the money would have been such that there was no way he could turn it down. The money wasn’t there and he did turn it down.

“I just laughed at them. Get the (expletive) out of here. Call me with some real (expletive),” he said.

When the UFC asked him to fight Ferguson at UFC 213 on July 8, Diaz said he “gladly accepted,” but when his terms weren’t met, he “gladly rejected.”

“I said, yeah, I’ll fight (Ferguson), but under these circumstances.” Evidently, the circumstances were not met, as Diaz now plans on taking the year off. 

“I plan on sitting out this year, and, as of right now, there’s nothing going on, and I’m not fighting nobody,” he stated.

“I’m not gonna accept the fight just because it’s the best move for (Ferguson), Conor (McGregor), and their managers.”

Diaz has made a lot of money in recent years, particularly in 2016 when he fought McGregor twice, racking up huge pay-per-view numbers. Now, he just wants to do what makes him happy, and that isn’t fighting.

“I’m at the point, I don’t need to fight. I’ve got a serious competitive (triathlon) race season going on right now. That’s what I’ve been fighting for years for, so that I can do whatever the (expletive) I want,” said Diaz.

“Isn’t that what we’re all gunning for? Doing what we want to do?”

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