Nate Diaz rips Jake Paul for profane Conor McGregor callout

YouTuber Jake Paul’s two professional boxing victories have emboldened him to try and follow in his brother’s footsteps to get a marque celebrity match-up with UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, McGregor rival Nate Diaz ripped on Paul for his callout the Irishman.

Jake’s brother Logan Paul recently inked a deal for an exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather. Jake wants the same type of star boosting, big money deal with McGregor, claiming in a profanity filled callout of McGregor that his team offered McGregor and the UFC $50 million for a bout.

McGregor has given little attention to Paul, but Diaz was quick to jump in after Paul’s callout video got him worked up.

Jake Paul’s profane Conor McGregor callout

(Warning: Strong Language)

Diaz shot out a warning to Jake, whose two professional boxing victories have come opposite a fellow internet celebrity and a former NBA star who trained for a few months for his first fight, the loss to Paul.

After Diaz’s warning, Jake then taunted Diaz.

Diaz responded in kind, telling Logan to put his little brother back in line.

Will any of this ever go anywhere?

Probably not. Logan was able to pull of an exhibition bout with Mayweather, and Jake has a couple of bouts under his belt, but no athletic commission worth its salt would sanction a full-on professional bout – boxing or mixed martial arts – between either of the Paul brothers and a fighter with the experience of McGregor or Diaz.

That probably won’t stop either of the Paul brothers from doing what they are good at, which is being famous for being famous.

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Nate Diaz sends warning to YouTube celebrity Jake Paul