Nate Diaz’s Real Problem with the UFC is that He Has No Leverage to Negotiate

July 20, 2014

Nate Diaz and Dana WhiteAt this point, it’s no secret that UFC lightweight Nate Diaz is unhappy with the pay structure of his current UFC contract. He’s currently under a new deal, but didn’t like the terms after signing on the dotted line.

He’s turned down fight offers. He’s voiced his displeasure via social media. The one time title contender and The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner now finds himself on the outside looking in at the organization that’s already moved on without him.

“Nate can do whatever he wants to do,” Dana White recently told UFC’s The Download. “Who cares, he’s a grown man. Sit out for as long as you want, sit out the rest of your career. It’s your decision.”

On Friday, White addressed Nate Diaz’s status within the promotion and why there won’t be any contract renegotiations with the Stockton 29-year-old.

“This isn’t a sort things out thing. You’re under contract. You just signed this contract,” said the UFC president during a media scrum following Friday’s UFC Fight Night 46 weigh-ins in Dublin.

“He’s under contract. When he’s ready to fight, he can fight,” added White. “The kid makes good money. The kid makes really good money. And the unfortunate part is he’s not a needle mover. His brother (Nick Diaz) is a needle mover. He’s not… He doesn’t pull the numbers in.”

After hearing White’s comments about his client not being a “needle mover,” Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan took to Twitter to confront White.

A couple of hours later, White responded to Kogan’s tweet, accusing him of misguiding clients in a way that is ruining their careers.

“Listen, if Nate Diaz was the guy, we’d work it out in a minute. If you move the needle, those are the guys that make the big money. He’s one and three in his last four fights. He’s one and three. He’s nowhere near a title fight. He’s never won a title, and he doesn’t move the needle,” said White on Friday.

“When we signed (Gilbert) Melendez is when he got unhappy. When his partner got his contract is when he became unhappy,” continued the UFC president.

“He’s got a contract that he just signed. I know he trains with Melendez, but Melendez is one of the top guys in the world. He’s the No. 1 ranked guy in the world, next in line for a title shot. He’s a former world champion. Nate has absolutely nothing like that on his resume. And he’s one and three in his last few fights.”

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