Nate Diaz Pokes Fun at Conor McGregor’s Meltdown: ‘We Started This G S–t’

Conor McGregor may have emboldened his inner thuggery when he and a dozen or so of his buddies committed a bazaar assault on a van that held a number of UFC 223 fighters and UFC employees at a recent event in Brooklyn, N.Y., but he’s far from the first fighter to go gangster.

While McGregor was reportedly trying to “have the back” of his friend and teammate Artem Lobov, he did little to avenge his friend’s altercation with UFC 223 headliner and now UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. McGregor only served to lay waste to the UFC 223 fight card – which lost 3 bouts because of the melee – and landed himself in a lot of legal hot water.

You wanna be a real gangster? Who better to judge than Nate Diaz, one half of a pair that has been living the lifestyle their entire mixed martial arts careers.

Diaz, in a recent Instagram post, pointed out McGregor’s antics as wanna-be gangsterism, noting that he, his brother, and their team have lived gangster, and proved it with their actions like the infamous in-cage post-fight brawl after Strikeforce: Nashville in 2010. 

On that infamous day in 2010, Jake Shields – a teammate of the Diaz Brothers – defended his middleweight title against Dan Henderson. As he was being interviewed after the fight, Jason “Mayhem” Miller entered the cage to call for a rematch and got into a heated confrontation with Shields, which escalated into an all-out brawl with Shields, the Diaz Brothers, Gilbert Melendez, and others in their camp. 

This was broadcast live on CBS, by the way.

Diaz saw it as the real “G s–t,” not the stuff that McGregor was doing in New York.

“This what they were trying to act like they were doing in NYC, but no one is for real in this sport,” Diaz wrote on Instagram, which accompanied a photo fo the infamous Nashville brawl.

“We’re the last of our kind. It’s a new day and age. Ride or die, we started this G s–t.”

Shields was signed to a UFC contract a short time later. He was granted a shot at UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in his second bout in the Octagon.

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