Nate Diaz Fires Back at Bruce Buffer: ‘I Bow Down to No One Ever’

August 27, 2018

Bruce Buffer commented on Nate Diaz’s recent outrage that the UFC is under-promoting him by revealing how much money that he thought Diaz made for his last fight with Conor McGregor… a cool $7-million-plus. Oh, and he said that because of that, Diaz should be bowing down to UFC president Dana White.

Diaz didn’t take too kindly to Buffer’s sharp words.

“Nate, I heard you made seven or more million dollars on your last fight,” Buffer told TMZ. “I don’t want to hear you complaining about being under-promoted by the UFC. You should be thanking the UFC and bowing to Dana White every time you see him.”

A short time after Buffer’s words shot across the internet, Diaz took to Twitter to respond… “with all (due) respect.”

“Bruce Buffer, wtf, get off the UFC nuts. You’re bowing down right now telling me to bow down? F— that. You keep bowing down,” Diaz wrote. “I bow down to no one ever for all the money in the world.”

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