Nate Diaz details his last meeting with UFC President Dana White

Former lightweight title challenger and winner of the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter Nate Diaz has one fight left on his UFC contract and wants to get it in as soon as possible. He has things to do once he’s a free agent.

Diaz has regularly calling out fighters and pleaded with the fight promotion to book his last fight. He last fought in June 2021. In a recent meeting with UFC executives, including UFC President Dana White, Diaz informed them that he wanted to get his last fight in and part ways with the organization.

In an interview with The MMA Hour on Tuesday, Diaz detailed what was discussed in that meeting.

“In our last meeting, he (White) goes, ‘alright. I guess let’s talk in a few’ and then him and Hunter (Campbell) ran out of the building, and then I went in the back and took a piss on the building,” Diaz said.

The meeting took place in Las Vegas on May 12. Diaz posted a photo of himself urinating outside of the UFC Performance Institute to social media.

“Taking a piss on the UFC PI. I could do this cause I get paid more than all u guys and they won’t cut me,” Diaz wrote on the social media post.

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Diaz is willing to fight anyone to fulfill his contract

In the meeting, Diaz emphasized that he just wanted to fulfill his contractual obligation and go on his way. After all, it’s been 13 months since Diaz last fought.

“I said, look, I don’t want anything. I don’t want no more money. I want to move on. I want to go do my own thing,” Diaz said. “With all due respect, can I get the f**k going? And then they’re talking about matchups. I was like, listen, there’s nobody in your organization that I want to fight.”

“I said I don’t want to fight no new guys that has been knocked out and slept all over the place, for one. For two, the only worthy opponents they have here for me is f**king Francis Ngannou, or (Israel) Adesanya,” Diaz said.

“I don’t want to fight those guys. I like those guys a lot. But if I’m going to fight anybody, it’s going to somebody that’s done something great like those f**kers. And that’s when they wrapped up the meeting. They were like, ‘we’ve got to go.’ They jetted out. They left me in their office. I was about to steal some sh*t but I couldn’t find anything that cool.”

Getting out of his contract is Diaz’ goal. He believes that he can make more money outside of the organization than under the restrictions of being in it.

“UFC, can I please have my last fight and be on my way,” Diaz said. “Give me anybody. I want to fight next month at the latest and I want to be on my way… I’ll fight tonight.”

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