Nate Diaz asks for UFC release again, teases Jake Paul fight

Nate Diaz asked the UFC for his release again but this time hinted he might have Jake Paul waiting for him.

“Ufc release now please or give me fight with anyone in July or august,” he tweeted. “I have bigger shit to do.” The tweet included a video of Jake Paul knocking out former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Diaz has been asking the promotion for a fight for quite some time, or his release, in various social media posts for months, once even sharing a photo of him urinating in the UFC Performance Institute.

Recently, one of Diaz’s training partners spoke of the potential match-up.

“I’m down to see that fight [between Nate and Jake Paul],” Chris Avila told MMA Fighting. “But when you fight Nate Diaz, you’re getting the realest fighter of all time right there. So these guys are sitting here calling his name and eventually he’s going to get in the boxing ring and I’m excited to see it. Who he’s going to box is his choice. He’s going to make a stamp and a statement in boxing, easy.”

“The Jake Paul fight, Jake Paul’s team is zero, we’re one up already,” he added. “That last fight was a Paul-Diaz, team versus team, Jake Paul made that. They’re already down one. So if he wants to get in the ring with Nate or me, it would be fine with either of us. I know that’s a fight I can win. I know that’s a fight Nate would win, hands down. Easy money.”