Nate Andrews Sees Himself Finishing Bruce Boyington at CES 45

August 10, 2017

After a couple years that saw him only fight once or twice each year, lightweight prospect Nate Andrews was able to step things up in 2016 and have three bouts.

Even with the increased workload, Andrews was able to step up to the challenge and picked up wins in all three bouts, raising his winning streak to four victories in a row.

“I feel like I performed overall pretty well,” Andrews told “I came in shape and ready to go. I had good training camps. And I came out there with the will to win.

“It was good to train as much as I got to train for the fights. I was working a full time job before, and it was hard working full time and trying to get in a training session for a pro fight. Now I get to train full time with making my own work schedule. It’s made things easier.”

After a busy year in 2016, Andrews has had all of 2017 to work on his game, and he feels the sum of all the adjustments he’s made will pay off in his overall game.

“It was the little refinements; tightening up things, adding new things to the game plan, and adding new techniques,” said Andrews. “Just sharpening the tools and getting better.

“I was supposed to fight on the last CES card, but it didn’t work out with opponents, so I got to do half a training camp and tone it down a little bit until I really started this one.”

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Andrews (10-1) will have his first fight of the year when he takes on veteran Bruce Boyington (14-10) in a main card 155-pound bout at CES 45 on Friday in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

“He’s a really tough dude who is really explosive and has good stand-up,” Andrews said of Boyington. “I really have no game plan with this fight; like taking it here or taking it there; I’m going to let the fight go wherever it goes.

“I feel like I’m prepared to take it anywhere: if ends up being a stand-up fight, it’s a stand up fight, and if it goes to the ground, it goes to the ground. I do see myself winning this fight by finish and adding my 11th finish in my career.”

Having won all but one of his bouts with finishes, Andrews could find himself in a very good position should he pick up a win on August 11, but for now he’s just focused on taking each fight as it comes and going from there.

“I like to take it fight by fight and see what happens,” said Andrews. “I’m willing to fight before the end of the year. I don’t mind staying busy, especially if I come out busy. It’s kind of up to my management thinks is the best thing, and that’s what we’ll do.”

(Photo Courtesy of CES)

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