Natan Levy: ‘I think I’m going to surprise Ben Lugo’ at LFA 88

August 21, 2020

Following the coronavirus lockdown, featherweight Natan Levy was eager to get back to action and have his first fight since June of 2019 when he was slated to face Ben Lugo at LFA 84 on July 10. Unfortunately Levy would be unable to compete due to the coronavirus.

Having arrived in South Dakota for his bout with Lugo, it was discovered that one of Levy’s team had tested positive for Covid-19, triggering safety protocols the LFA had in place, forcing him off the card.

“We made the flights, we got to South Dakota, we were going to make weight that morning, and then we got word that my corner tested positive for Covid,” Levy told “It was really devastating.

“After having so many fights cancelled and waiting so long to fight and feeling so excited for the fight, the only thing I could do at the moment was just laugh. It was either laughing or crying, and I prefer to laugh.”

Though Levy would eventually test negative for the coronavirus, at the time he was considered a potential carrier, thus for the sake of safety he and members of his team undertook a 21-hour drive home rather than remain at the event.

“They said I was a presumed future positive,” said Levy. “They kept us away from anyone, before we could test positive.

“They didn’t want us to take part or put anybody in danger. I can respect that. I didn’t push back. I know where they were coming from. I didn’t want to put anyone in danger or the card in danger, so we got a car and drove home.”

This Friday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Levy (4-0) will finally make his return to the cage when he faces Lugo (5-3) in a main card 145-pound bout at LFA 88.

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“I’m definitely a different fighter physically,” Levy said. “I’m way stronger than I was. I used to have one injury that was bugging with me a long time, but this last year I’ve done enough to clear it completely. I’m feeling so much better, so much more confident.

“It happened to be that I haven’t fought in a year, so I think I’m going to surprise Lugo with something that he hasn’t seen on tape.”

Having gone through a year where it seems like anything that could go wrong did go wrong, Levy isn’t going to set any big plans for himself beyond Friday’s fight.

“It’s really one day at a time right now,” said Levy. “I’m hoping everything goes well. I’m hoping nobody tests positive from any camp. All I can do is hope it works out, be ready, and when it does go down that I’m there to win.”