Natan Levy expects to ‘out-skill’ Frank Meno at LFA 69

Though he wasn’t able to pick up a finish for the first time in his career, featherweight up and comer Natan Levy was glad to have gone to a decision for the first time in his career this past January versus Henry Barahona at LFA 58.

Having had less than two minutes of combined cage time in his previous two fights, Levy was looking to get the experience of going the distance in a fighter sooner than later in his career.

“Following two first round finishes in my two professional bouts, I really wanted a three round fight,” Levy told “I think it’s important to go through it. I wanted to get the feel of it. It was a tough fight against a tough opponent (in Barahona), and I’m really happy with it.

“I think my performance was decent. I think the altitude got to me a little bit. Just Henry himself, he’s the kind of guy who pushes forward no matter what you do. It’s hard to keep the momentum on him because he just keeps coming. I’m happy with my performance, but I do see a lot of room for improvement.”

Having been just over a year since he turned pro, Levy feels like he’s made quite a large jump forward in his game, especially when it comes to his striking.

“I’m a way different fighter,” said Levy. “I think I started really understanding MMA and getting into specific (disciplines). Before my weak side like boxing I’ve taken a big step forward, and I’m still training every day and will grow even more for this upcoming fight.”

On Friday in Cabazon, California, Levy (3-0) will face fellow undefeated fighter Frank Meno (3-0) in a featherweight bout at LFA 69.

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“Frank is a tough guy,” Levy said. “I can tell he’s very strong, runs forward and throws bombs. I’ve seen him get out of submissions on the ground with pure strength, and then a few punches from on top and he finishes the fight.

“He’s definitely a dangerous opponent. At the same time, I feel like technically we’re not on the same level. I feel like I’ll out-skill him. He’s coming down from 155 pounds, so it will be a big cut for him, so I think his body will be weak and his cardio won’t be as good at 155 pounds.”

While Levy doesn’t feel like he has to hit some arbitrary mark in order to make it to the next level, he would like the opportunity to do so before the close of 2019.

“I’d definitely like to keep going forward,” said Levy. “I want to win this fight and either get a title shot in the LFA or get something bigger like (Dana White’s) Contender Series.

“I don’t feel like I have to do one thing to get to another thing – the only thing I have to do is win my upcoming fight. This is my biggest goal right now. After that if people want me somewhere that’s cool, if not, I’ll keep going my way.”