by Tom Call – MMAWeekly.com
Tyson Griffin is a name of a young fighter that you may not know today but if he keeps performing at such a high level all MMA fans will soon know the name.

Tyson is 21 years old and is about to fight for only the fourth time in his young career when he takes on Jorge Evangelista from Pacific Martial Arts Acadmey for the Gladiator Challenge 145lb belt.

Griffin currently holds that belt after his 3 round war with Uriah Farber. Griffin KO’d Farber at the beginning of the third round in a fight. Up to that point the fight was a back and fourth war with Griffin always controlling the position and landing all the big punches. Griffin won every round of the fight. The loss was the first and only loss of Farber’s career.

Just because Griffin is a young fighter with only a few fights he is not short on training experience. Tyson Griffin fights out of Santa Rosa California and is part of the Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

Tyson benefits from years of training with some top level training partners including David Terrell, Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields just to name a few. Griffin fondly remembers his first time training for MMA David Terrell cut him with a pretty nasty knee. Griffin was instantly hooked! Tyson Griffin had a successful wrestling and football career at Albany High School a high school on the east side of San Francisco Bay.

When Griffin is asked about his future goals the common theme is he wants to compete. He badly wants to fight on pay-per-view to show everyone his skills. He also has is eyes set on Japan and maybe competing in Abu Dhabi. Many people want to see Griffin and Farber rematch. Griffin however seems indifferent.

“It is not important for me to fight Uriah again….I have already clearly beat him at his weight (145) and feel the outcome would be the same at 155.” Griffin claims, “I have the ideal training situation to improve.” Head trainers David Terrell, kickboxing instructor Billy Olson and boxing coach Rosendo Sanchez make up Griffin’s primary trainers. As most fighters in sport Griffin relies on sponsors to help afford to train. North Bay Firearms and Ground and Pound Fight Gear sponsor Tyson Griffin.