by Ryan Bennett
MMAWeekly: Congrats on you defending the title in WEC against Sam Wells. You avenged the loss, but you were in some trouble in that second round, can you talk about how much trouble you were in, in the second?

Gabe: Thanks Ryan. That fight was a war! I watched the DVD and although I took a decent amount of punishement, I never gave up or completely lost my composure. It was a great fight though. It was good to be in a fight like that. It tested me in every way possible, and I feel I raised to the challenge. In over 10 fights, I havent had to fight out of the 1st round, and it was good to know that not only can I, but I’ll push through all adversity. It turns out Sam hits kind of hard though! LOL

MMAWeekly: Another defense of the title in 155, who would you like to fight next?

Gabe: Well, I really want to fight those that are ranked in the top 10. I started fighting in order to test myself and now Im ready for the next challenge. The 155lb division is so laden with talent and I just want to see where I stand.

MMAWeekly: Who do you look up to in the fight game?

Gabe: Every fighter that exudes heart and determination. I also have a lot of respect for anyone that actively tries to finish fights instead of “not losing”. Anyone that holds those traits and also understands that fighting is deeper than “tough guy” credibility. Those are the people that I prefer to deal with.

MMAWeekly: Your jiu-jitsu is incredible as you have finished most of your opponents. Talk about your background with jiu jitsu?

Gabe: I’m grateful to have had a chance to train with A LOT of the top grapplers out there. I started my training with Ralph Gracie and his team for almost 5 years and then moved down to MILLENNIA jiu jitsu, and we’re afflitiated with Rodrigo Medeiros. I recieved my Brown belt in Jiu jitsu a little over 3 weeks ago. Beyond my current training partners, like I said, Ive trained with A LOT of top grapplers. My who’s who list is long. I try to impove on every aspect of my game, but my grappling stands out.

MMAWeekly: For the fans who haven’t seen you, who
fights most like you in UFC or Pride?

Gabe: Fedor or Chuck LOL! Just kidding. I cant really say who I fight like. I hope I have my own fighting style. I always try to finish my fights and I have a really good ground base, but hopefully Im well rounded enough to fight in any circumstance. I just hope Im looked at as a fighter with a style that could be UFC or PRIDE level. that would be nice.

MMAWeekly: Is there anybody in the UFC or Pride you
feel you can beat right now? Who would it be?

Gabe: FEDOR or Chuck? LOL! Nah, Id like to test myself in either organization and Id fight who ever they put in front of me. Literally, for the right shot, Ill fight ANYONE. Pride has a light weight division though and its just full of talent. Sign me up!

MMAWeekly: Who is overrated in the fight game?

Gabe: Those that dont show respect and are too concerned about being “tough guys” than an actual fighter. That bunch are super overrated.

MMAWeekly: Who is underrated?

Gabe:Me? Is that the right answer? LOL! There are so many good guys, its tough to pick specific names. There is more than a few. At 155lbs, we are all getting pushed aside for the larger weight classes, so maybe everyone at the lighter weight classes are underrated.

MMAWeekly: Thanks for making time, anybody else you
want to thank?

Gabe: Got to thank the sponsors first and foremost WWW.CHINCHEK.COM , WWW.FAIRTEXGEAR.COM , WWW.ONTHEMAT.COM , WWW.RVCACLOTHING.COM , WWW.PROHIBITEDLIFESTYLE.COM . All of my training partners and friends. Everyone that has shown support and helped me in one way or another, thanks you so much. Words dont it justtice. And, thanks to Ryan Bennett, who showed me the fashion importance of the sweater vest.

MMAWeekly: No that was Trigg, but I do dress better than you. Good luck with your future.