Mr. International Calls It Quits; Shonie Carter Retires

November 9, 2010

Shonie Carter UFC 53

Shonie Carter at UFC 53

It’s not the way that any fighter wants to go out – on a five fight-losing streak – but that’s where MMA veteran Shonie Carter found himself on Tuesday in Israel. Following a hard-fought three-round loss to Israeli fighter Jeremy Knafo at the inaugural Israeli Fighting Championships, Carter stepped in the cage and called it quits.

“You may all have just witnessed my retirement, but it has been my pleasure to give this world, all of me,” he stated with tears in his eyes.

Carter has held titles in several promotions fighting everywhere from Extreme Challenge to King of the Cage to the UFC, WEC, Pancrase, SuperBrawl, and too many more to name here.

He has never really sat at the upper echelon of the sport, never held titles at the level of the UFC or Pride, but Shonie Carter has always been a consummate entertainer with flamboyant ring entrances and “caution-to-the-wind” fighting style in the ring and cage.

Carter gave fans an exciting fight with Knafo, rocking his opponent with his patented overhand left, but also fighting back strong after being knocked around by Knafo as well.

He may have walked out with a loss, but it was rather apropos that “Mr. International” called it a career on international soil.

Before he left the cage, Carter addressed his children, saying, “Dad is coming home… to just be dad.”