Move Over Donald Cerrone, the Nogueira Brothers Are the UFC’s Newest Cowboys

March 17, 2015


This just in from the world of awesome things happening on the internet, MMA legends Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira are riding horses and donning cowboy hats in Middle America.

The sport’s famous twin brothers recently took the ol’ dusty trail to Kansas and spent some time on a farm. And why did they go to Kansas? Here’s our short answer: ¯\_()_/¯

The long answer probably has something to do with them holding a Brazilian jiu-jitsu seminar. Or maybe they just wanted to take a vacation on a ranch to be cowboys, breaking away from their everyday grind of being two of Brazil’s most famous mixed martial artists. Either way, Instagram gold, Nogs. Thank you.

Big Nog’s Instagram page holds the interwebz goodness. To the footage!

This is an ATV, which deserves a thumbs up.

Ride that bronco, Nog.

Farley Ranch, Kansas !!! Rancho Farley, Kansas !!!

A video posted by Rodrigo Nogueira (@minotauromma) on

Bom dia, Kansas!

Good morning Kansas ! Bom dia Brasil ,estamos Voltando pra casa agora . #Riodejaneiro here We Go ….

A video posted by Rodrigo Nogueira (@minotauromma) on

“I should be a cowboy,” says Nogueira, who we totally want to see be a real-life cowboy.

All tuckered out. Nice boots, though.

Depois de um dia corrido ontem,morto de cansado!

A photo posted by Rodrigo Nogueira (@minotauromma) on

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