Most Famous KO in UFC History? Hendo Says Thank You

November 19, 2011

Henderson vs Bisping

The trash talk on The ‘Ultimate Fighter season 14 keeps getting amped up with each day that coaches Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Michael Bisping are around each other it seems.

In one of the latest episodes, Miller tosses an insult at Bisping claiming that he’s a part of the most famous knockout in UFC history.

The fight Miller was referencing is the UFC 100 bout where Bisping was knocked out cold by former Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson. The two middleweights squared off in a bitter match after they coached against each other in their season of The Ultimate Fighter.

For his part, Henderson still looks back at the Bisping fight with fond memories, and if that is indeed the most famous knockout in UFC history, the former Olympian says thank you.

“It was fun doing it that’s for sure. Any time you get a guy with a big mouth, people like to see it shut, and I did a pretty good job doing that,” Henderson told MMAWeekly Radio.

“I think that’s why people like it so much, just because he did have such a big mouth.”

Henderson had quite the emotional element going into that fight after spending several weeks with Bisping, growing to dislike his fellow coach a lot.

As he heads into his UFC 139 bout against former Pride Grand Prix winner Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, there isn’t near as much emotion playing into this one. Rua has always been a respectful fighter outside the ring or cage, but Henderson says he doesn’t need Michael Bisping level trash talk to knock an opponent out.

“I’m out there to do my job and I’m prepared for the type of fighter I’m fighting, and their style. It doesn’t matter if they’ve talked trash or they’re the nicest guy in the world, I’m still going to try to put my fist through their face,” Henderson said.

“It just kind of depends on whether or not I’m going to have a beer with them afterwards or not.”

While most assume that former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans is next in line to fight for the belt at 205 pounds, nothing is set in stone until UFC president Dana White says so.

Henderson would happily accept a title shot with a win over Shogun on Saturday night, so he’s happy to knock Shogun out to earn it.

“Hopefully that happens with this fight as well,” Henderson said.

Henderson squares off with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the main event of UFC 139 Saturday night in San Jose, Calif.

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