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With the recent influx of wrestling promoters wanting to enter the MMA field, it’s been a hot topic whether or not that Pro Wrestling Promoters would be a good fit in the land of MMA.

The largest Pro Wrestling Radio show in the world, Live Audio Wrestling, hosted by Dan “the Mouth” Lovranski and Jason Agnew on AM 640 in Toronto and heard all over the world at liveaudiowrestling.com recently talked about the WWE vs UFC Monday Night Wars. The guys brought MMA’s biggest radio show in the world, MMAWeekly Radio’s Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg to talk about the UFC vs WWE battle on Monday’s.

During a recent telecast the LAW asked Bennett and Trigg if the UFC pushes their personalities like Pro Wrestling and what the UFC needs to do to compete with the WWE on Monday nights.

Also during this round table discussion the topic was also brought up if the UFC should and can do a fight show on a weekly basis? Also does Tito Ortiz’s crossing over to pro wrestling help the sport of MMA and much more.

Check out the roundtable discussion from the studios in Toronto Canada as we give you a sneak peak, behind the scenes and on the air of Live Audio Wrestling with MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg right now on MMAWeekly TV.