by MMAWeekly.com Staff
Taken from Zach Arnold and Fight Opinion news sites…..

The numbers are starting to come in for certain fights in regards to which fights drew the highest ratings on New Year’s Eve in Japan on TV. Oricon has a report about the numbers.

Oricon reports that the Naoya Ogawa vs. Hidehiko Yoshida fight at 9:30 PM on Fuji TV drew a 27.7% rating, which absolutely dwarfs any other segment rating on the entire show.

Oricon also reports that K-1’s 14.8% number may prove to be good news for certain fighters and really bad news for others. The good news… the Akebono vs. Bobby Ologun fight drew the highest rating of the show, drawing a 25.8% QH rating (peak rating at 10:56 PM for the 2nd round of that fight).

As you can tell, the numbers are slowly coming in and one theme seems to be developing… the Kid Yamamoto vs. Genki Sudo fight, which was a big-money fight and had K-1’s major marketing machine behind it, didn’t carry the day in the end. K-1 did an excellent job of building up Sudo as something bigger than he probably is, but in the end, the casual fan apparently didn’t think a whole lot of him versus Yamamoto.

Of reference: The highest QH rating for the NHK Kohaku (Red & White Music Festival) show was a 50.1%. The theme in newspapers will now be that NHK’s top QH just about doubled the QH rating of the K-1 show.

Scorecard so far: Winners (Ogawa, Yoshida, Akebono, Ologun) and non-winners (everyone else – so far).

Reference link: Sherdog – MMA TV Ratings

Update: Sankei Sports (Fuji TV line of media) has produced a new ratings report. Their report claims that it was the Ken Kaneko vs. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett fight that started the surge in PRIDE’s TV ratings before the Ogawa/Yoshida fight. At 9:26 PM, the rating was at the 18.4% mark. Starting with the Kaneko fight, the rating rose to 20% and continued to climb upwards. Kaneko vs. Bennett is now being listed as the highest-rated fight of the night, with a 27.7% rating. Ogawa vs. Yoshida has been revised down to a 25.5% number. It should be noted that the booking of Ken Kaneko was a move by Fuji TV, not necessarily one by PRIDE.

Chunichi Sports (Nagoya) reports that the Ogawa/Yoshida fight drew a 22.5% local rating (less than what it drew in the Kanto region) and Akebono vs. Ologun drew a 23.9% local rating. It’s interesting to see how the ratings break down according to region.

Nikkan Sports: PRIDE from 7-10 PM did a 16.0. Slowly, but surely, the information is arriving.