by Ivan Trembow
The Observer’s Dave Meltzer has added additional details on top of what was previously reported by MMAWeekly about the UFC’s decision to release Ivan Salaverry from his UFC contract. Meltzer reports that it was Salaverry’s overly passive and defensive performance in the fight that caused him to be released by the UFC.

Meltzer reports, “The company [Zuffa] feels that at this stage, they can’t afford to be using fighters who don’t go out there and give the people good fights… there was a feeling that they had to do it [release Salaverry], but they hated doing it with Salaverry, who they liked. Stephan Bonnar got a six-figure contract [earlier this year] for a fight that he lost because he fought his heart out and gave people a fight of the year, while Salaverry refused to fight, and got cut.”

Additionally, the UFC was not happy with the quality of the Ultimate Fight Night show due to the lackluster main event. Meltzer reports, “Unlike a lot of pro wrestling promotions, who have a bad show and then go into denial about it, both Dana White and Joe Silva were said to be upset after Ultimate Fight Night because of the main event, and they may have actually been more critical of the show than their audience. However, Spike TV was thrilled with the rating, even though to me it should have been a disappointment with all that hype. Spike felt it was a great rating for a Saturday night, and they achieved their goal of being the highest-rated sports telecast on cable for the day.”