MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition: Boetsch, Saunders, Ciesnolevicz and Pavelich

September 18, 2011

MMAWeekly Radio weekend edition is back with a stacked show as UFC 135’s Tim Boetsch, Bellator’s Ben Saunders, Mike Ciesnolevicz and MFC owner Mark Pavelich stop by the show.

Ben talked about his last fight in Bellator and what he would like to do with the Tournament money. Mike Ciesnolevicz talked about the old days of Miletich systems and what changed that made him leave the camp. He also talks about being offered Butterbean for a recent bout and Butterbean turning it down.

Mark Pavelich called in and among other things, challenged Dana White to a boxing match. Also got him to explain his tweet about selling the MFC for 3 million. IT appears that he doesn’t want to sell now. Mentions the Ortiz vs Mayweather fight and says Dana doesn’t know shit about boxing.

Tim Botesch talked about what he did right to beat Grove and about Nick Ring. Also talked about being in Denver early so that his cardio is on point

His thoughts on Ring:

“I don’t think he’s fought anyone who is going to bring the level of explosiveness and aggression that I bring into the cage.”

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