MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition: Miguel Torres and Michael Johnson

MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition is back with special guests Miguel Torres and UFC lightweight Michael Johnson.

We break down UFC 138 and talk about the winners and losers of the night. We also wonder if the 20+ pound weight cut for Leben lead to his obviously slower pace.

Michael Johnson talks to us about his last fight and what he wants to fix to get to the next level.

“Obviously heel hooks, everyone puts me in heel hooks right now.”
He also mentions how he is still a big fan of TUF even though he’s not sure if he would have done it knowing what he knows now.

“If I would have known how long those 6 weeks were, and the stress of the house situation, I probably wouldn’t do it, but at the same time I took so much from it. If I could leave the house, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Miguel Torres opens up and tells us that some of his losses came because he tried to do too much with no help.

“Those fights I was handling more than just training. In the past when I had (to get ready for a fight) all I had to worry about was training for the fight. I wasn’t trying to (accept) anyone’s help. I was running my own gym, taking care of my household, taking care of training, coaching myself , coatching other fighters, teaching class, running a kids program. It was just (too much)

Miguel also gives us thoughts on the 135 lb division and who should get a title shot.

He also talks about the weirdest autograph request he ever got.

“So I signed this chick’s butt…(in front of her kids)”

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