MMAWeekly Radio Tuesday: Sean McCorkle and Patrick Cote

Sean McCorkle
MMAWeekly Radio is back for Tuesday’s edition of the big show with Sean McCorkle and Patrick Cote both stopping by as well as lots of debate about King Mo and the legacy of Pride.

Sean McCorkle headlines this weekend’s WMMA event in Texas and he’ll discuss his fight as well as his desire to return to the UFC.

Patrick Cote also wants to be back in the UFC, but he won’t beg anyone via Twitter to do it. Check out what else he had to say in this interview.

Finally the Sixth Round debate opens up with the following topics:

• Patrick Cote says ex-UFC fighters should stop begging via Twitter to get back in the UFC. Agree or disagree?
• King Mo’s suspension and fines handed down today. Agree or disagree with the decision?
• Sean McCorkle fights again this weekend at WMMA. Do you believe he will be back in the UFC?
• It’s been five years since the UFC bought Pride. What do you think Pride’s legacy will
be remembered as in MMA history?
• What was your favorite Pride moment?

This is MMAWeekly Radio for Tuesday, March 27

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