MMAWeekly Radio Thur: Ultimate Fighter Live Preview w/ Urijah Faber and Jeff Smith

The Ultimate Fighter Live (TUF Live)
MMAWeekly Radio on Thursday is dedicated to previewing the new Ultimate Fighter Live with coach Urijah Faber and fighter hopeful Jeff Smith.

Urijah Faber talks coaching opposite longtime rival Dominick Cruz, working with Dakota Cochrane, and everything related to the new Ultimate Fighter Live.

Also on the show, Jeff Smith talks about his background working with former WWE wrestler Steve Blackman and his hopes to land on the new cast of TUF.

The debate topics all surround the new Ultimate Fighter Live as well:

– New Ultimate Fighter Live season kicks off Friday. Interest level from 1-10?
– Could this new live format reboot the series and result in higher ratings?
– Better coach: Dominick Cruz or Urijah Faber?
– Dakota Cochrane’s past has become a major talking point for this season. Your thoughts on his entry into the house and his past in porn?
– Could Cochrane’s entry into the house be a good thing or a bad thing for MMA?
– Best fighter to ever come out of the Ultimate Fighter?
– Favorite moment in Ultimate Fighter history?

This is MMAWeekly Radio for Thursday, March 8

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