MMAWeekly Radio Quick Hit: Anthony Johnson on Moving Up in Weight

January 14, 2012

Anthony Johnson at the TUF 8 FinaleAnthony Johnson was originally slated to make his middleweight debut on Saturday night at UFC 142 Rio, but after having some issues making weight, he will instead be making his light heavyweight debut.

Before he had trouble making weight on Friday in Brazil, Johnson was a guest on MMAWeekly Radio earlier in the week, and talked about weather his move up in weight would be permanent.

“I’m just thinking about what’s in front of me right now and that’s Vitor. I’ll decide that after the fight. For right now, I’m not thinking about if I’m going to go back down to 170 or if I’m going to stay at 185. Right now, I’m thinking about 185 cause I’m fighting at 185 cause I’m fighting Vitor not anything else.”

Despite not even making the planned 185-pound limit, Johnson already indicated to MMAWeekly Radio that the jury is still out on whether or not he will remain at the heavier weight, but considering the issues he’s had in Brazil, it would seem likely that he wouldn’t want to try and get all the way back down to welterweight.

To listen to the full interview with Johnson check out MMAWeekly Radio from Wednesday, Jan 11.

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