MMA Twitter roasts Daniel Cormier over his top 5 fighters list

On Wednesday, former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier revealed his top 5 fighters of all-time list and it raised quite a few eyebrows across Twitter.

First, the list.

Cormier did explain that he didn’t include Jon Jones or Anderson Silva due to their doping scandals.

But MMA Twitter wasn’t happy to see the names he included on the list.

“Amanda Nunes???? Over someone like Roy Jones Jr,” someone tweeted.

Someone else tweeted, “Khabib and Amanda Nunes over Lennox Lewis is wild.”

“It’s an opinion but Muhammad Ali should always be number 1 on any list,” another fan wrote.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Wash my eyes out with bleach,” someone else tweeted. Another fan agreed and wrote, “This list makes me want to drink a bottle of Uranium.”

“Amanda Nunes over Tyson, Foreman, Roy Jones Jr, Canelo, and like 500 others bro I’m done,” a fan tweeted.

“As soon has he put Ali as 3rd on the list, y’all should’ve turned his mic off and rescind his invitation to appear on First Take ever again,” someone else said.

Many fans found fault at Cormier putting his friend and former teammate on the list.

“Lmao @ khabib being #2 of all time,” someone wrote.

Another fan wrote, “Khabib number 2 over Jon Jones, GSP or Silva .. this list is awful.”

“Another fan tweeted a clown emoji and said, “This dude really put khabib up there.”

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