MMA-Tennis Crossover – UFC 145’s Rashad Evans and Victoria Azarenka

Rashad Evans and Victoria AzarenkaThere have been lots of crossovers in MMA recently, but the latest is one of the more unusual… UFC 145‘s Suga Rashad Evans recently met up to swap trade secrets with the No. 1 tennis player in the world, Victoria Azarenka.

“This was a nice break from training,” said Evans. “It lets your mind go free and gives you a chance to not think about the fight. It was cool that she’s another pro athlete, one who goes out there and competes, mano-a-mano. It was fun.

“I’d be alright in a tennis match because I’m pretty agile – I’m not too fast, but I’m very agile, so I might have a better chance at winning in a tennis match, but she might win in MMA because I don’t hit women.”

But what about Azarenka? Did she get as much out of the meeting as Evans?

“I wish I had time to train more,” said Azarenka after the meeting, having spent a small amount of time hitting the mitts with the former UFC champion. “I’m curious about how these athletes train. I could pick up something interesting for myself.”