Press Release
MMA Scene in India receives new facelift

All India Combat Sports Federation established on 22nd May 2006

Official Press Release : Two of the leading Martial arts organizations in India have merged to form a new entity in India which will be responsible to set the standard of high expectations in the modern martial arts fraternity in India. The AIKC [All India Kickboxing Council] led by founding president Daniel Isaac and the SGAI [Striking Grapplers Association of India]led by founding president Jitendra Jain after much speculation and debate have finally merge together to form a new organization called the AICSF or the All India Combat Sports Federation.

Speaking to the press on the day of the merger new Founding President Daniel Isaac said “Ever since the formation of the AIKC kickboxing in India reached a new level of quality whereas fighters and events are concerned.Every past so called ‘kickboxing’ event and championship conducted in India was a joke , we have seen fighters in taekwondo, kungfu and karate uniforms wearing gloves and claiming to be kickboxers.We have on one occasion even seen referees scoring ippons and wazaris at kickboxing competitions. The AIKC changed all of that – we brought in top class fighters from countries like UAE , Iran , UK and Oman and put up shows with ‘real kickboxing’. Most of the Indians were surprised to see that actual competition required fighters to engage in ‘full contact’ and that fighters wore nothing except shorts , gloves and gumshields. The AIKC produced top quality kickboxers like Alan “The Bull” , Ziauddin “Super Punch” Khatib who won World Titles under the WKL as well as the WFKKO and we also brought International stars like Shaun “The Rock” Gray and Hany “The Monster” Abdelghany of Egypt to compete against top Indian kickboxers. Over the years the AIKC has strived for excellence and we have worked hard and achieved all the goals that were set before us. We have achieved what NO OTHER NATIONAL KICKBOXING BODY in India has done and we have done it with the true intention of propagating the sport and our fighters and not with the intention of stepping on others toes. The AIKC basically changed the face of kickboxing in India and first brought in the concept of “promoters”, “kickboxing gyms” and “promotional shows” and replaced the biased opinion of the lay people that kickboxing and mauy thai was just another martial art sport.

On the other hand ever since the formation of the SGAI [Striking Grapplers Association of India] in 2004 the AIKC has worked side by side with the SGAI to introduce and organize joint events for Semi Grappling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Submission wrestling and also by pioneering MMA events in India. The AIKC itself has also organized events with kickboxing and Muay Thai rules.Thus we have been heading for this merger ever since we have been working on events together. Now both the martial arts organizations have their committees working together and the activities cover most hard contact martial arts sports from Muay Thai to full MMA rules. The SGAI also was responsible to set up the now world famous Tigers Gym which has produced many world class MMA fighters who now compete on the MMA world professional circuit. The SGAI had also setup Tigers Fight Promotions which manages and promotes the pro fighters.TFP is currently working with some top MMA promoters in Japan, China and the UK to get Indian MMA fighters more opportunities on the international scene. TFP is also working with some smaller MMA promotions in Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Portugal and Iran to bring their fighters over to India to compete on the COTC MMA circuit.

In 2007 Indian television will also be covering major MMA shows in India since TFP is in the process of arranging contracts with leading TV networks in India. All existing state organizations affiliated with the AIKC and the SGAI will now jointly work together under the new banner of the AICSF.If you are in India and looking for a non political oranisation devoted solely to train, manage and promote top quality Kickboxers and MMA fighters contact the AICSF at wasa@rediffmail.com or visit us at www.ikfindia.tk and www.tigersgym.tk If you are a promoter and looking for the best MMA talent from India contact us today.

The AICSF will also continue to represent the IKF and the ISCF in India for both amateur and professional events.

Daniel Isaac.
Promoter – Clash of the Champions [MMA India]
Chief Trainer – Tigers Gym [MMA]
Trainer – Balkawde Wrestling Academy
President – All India Kickboxing Council
President – IKF India
Director – Striking Grapplers Association of India