MMA Mind Power Joins the Team!

MMA Mind PowerYou might have heard things like “90% of every fight is mental,” “he has the psychological advantage,” “he won the fight mentally,” and other similar statements that imply that the mind plays a somewhat important role in your MMA career. Is this true? Can the psychological aspect of fighting make the difference between winning and losing a fight? And if so, how can you be in control of it? How can you use your mind to your advantage and avoid unnecessary setbacks?

Finally, you can get concrete and real answers to these and more questions about MMA Psychology and find out about practical techniques and strategies to win the mind game.

Luca Senatore, founder of and head mind coach at MMA Mind Power, has teamed up with MMAWeekly to provide you with weekly articles, guides and tips focused on the mind game in MMA. Luca Senatore is a black belt in Shotokan Karate, former pro kickboxer and current MMA athlete. He has been involved in Mind Coaching for martial artists for many years and his qualifications include Master in Hypnosis, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Coaching, EFT, Body Language Psychology, Time Line Therapy and other forms of psychology. Luca works and trains with top-level athletes including U.K. titleholders and UFC signed ones.

The weekly articles will cover a broad range of topics all geared to help you be the best MMA athlete you can possibly be. These may include:

· How to turn fight nerves into positive and powerful confidence

· How to improve your chances of victory by increasing your focus and motivation

· How to eliminate fear of failure and turn your fears into motivation

· How to enhance your performance by being in control of your emotions

· How to choose and develop the best possible mindset

· How to create a warrior version of you in your mind and virtually turn into it on demand

· How to use your mind to improve your stamina and even power

· How to eliminate limiting beliefs and develop empowering ones

· And much, much more

We are very excited about sharing these powerful strategies with you and I guess that you are too. The first MMA Mind Power Weekly article will be published here on Friday, May 11, and then every Friday thereafter. We look forward to helping you awaken the Warrior in You and become the best athlete you can be.

The MMA Mind Power Team

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