MMA Light? Strikebox to Debut in Canada on Feb. 6

Stephane Patry — the founder of Canadian mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Combat Challenge, which later became TKO — left the TKO promotion in November and just this week revealed why. He is heading up a new combat sports organization aimed at fans that are looking for a little less ground fighting than MMA provides.

Patry’s new organization is called Strikebox; the new sport is strikeboxing. He summarizes the sport thusly, “Strikeboxing techniques can be broken down into two categories, striking and takedowns. The types of strikes permitted include blows with hands, feet, knees or elbows. Takedowns involve many different type of throws and takedowns. After a takedown, or as soon as one of the opponents has more than just the soles of their feet on the ground, the referee immediately breaks the action and resumes the fight with both fighters standing. The goal of a strikeboxer is to knock out his or her opponent or win the contest by scoring more points than their opponent.”

According to a report by THE Franchise, competitors will still wear the four-ounce gloves used in MMA and fights will consist of five, three-minute rounds. Title bouts will be five, five-minute rounds. Scoring will be the “10 point must” system based on — in order of importance — Effective Striking, Effective Takedowns, Ring Generalship, Aggressiveness, and Defensive Technique.

Strikebox is expected to make its debut on Feb. 6, 2009, with the following fighters participating, according to THE Franchise

Steve Bossé vs. TBD
Pete Spratt vs. Martin Grandmont
Thierry Quenneville vs. TBD
Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs. TBD
Bob Landry vs. TBD
Brandon Thatch vs. TBD
Ben Gallant vs. TBD
Hosier Bruno vs. TBD
Éric Leclerc vs. TBD
Syd Barnier vs. TBD
Steve Vigneault vs. TBD