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You’ve seen American Idol on TV. Now what happens when eight fighters think they have talent outside the ring? Find out today as we get ready for the MMA Idol Grand Prix on MMAWeekly Radio.

Since it’s Christmas break, MMAWeekly Radio hosts Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg, take a break away from the regular question and answer sessions they do daily on MMAWeekly Radio as they have a good laugh to find out who has what it takes to be the first ever MMA Idol.

Eight fighters will vie for the top spot as thee man in the freestyle realm. Each day this week, two fighters will square off, but only will move on in the mother of all freestyle rap battles today on MMAWeekly Radio. Here are the eight fighters that are scheduled to battle and the guys have seeded the top eight fighters. Here is the bracket and yes you can bet on who you think will win….

Monday – Yves Edwards #3 Seed vs Sam Hoger #6 Seed
Tuesday – #2 Wes Sims vs #7 Georges St.Pierre
Wednesday – #1 Din Thomas vs #8 Pete Spratt
Thursday – #4. Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett vs #5. David Loiseau

If you are a fighter and have competed in Pride or the UFC and want to participate in the freestyle battle known as the MMA Idol Grand Prix, please email the guys at MMAWeekly Radio at ryanbennett@mmaweekly.com Have a laugh on us for the first ever MMA Idol for your Christmas break on MMAWeekly Radio. Listen live today at 9am Pacific/12 Noon eastern at www.mmaweeklyradio.com