by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com

In tough economic times even sports programs are starting to take a hit.  One of the prime examples of that are college wrestling teams, which are being cut at an alarming rate over the last few years, and in California the financial climate has hit the wrestling community hard. 

California State University, Bakersfield recently decided to cut its wrestling program unless enough funds could be raised to support the department, and the California Poly wrestling team has undergone similar financial woes. 

Stepping in to support the California Polytechnic State University wrestling team is the sport of mixed martial arts.  Several high profile MMA fighters have come from the Cal Poly wrestling team including former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and current WEC featherweight contender Chad Mendes. 

On May 22, Fight for Wrestling will put on the first ever MMA event on the college campus at Cal Poly in the Mott Gymnasium.  The show will benefit the Cal Poly wrestling team, which has been in danger of falling below the financial cut line like many other programs over the last few years. 

The show will feature several fighters from around the area including John Hackelman, Jr., son of legendary Pit trainer and longtime Liddell coach John Hackelman, as well as several other up and comers from the state. 

MMA celebrities will also come out in support of the show including Liddell and Mendes, along with other fighters who have supported college wrestling, such as Kevin Randleman, Joe Stevenson, and Anthony Ruiz. 

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Cal Poly wrestling team. The team’s coach, John Azevedo, will be in attendance. 

For more information on the card visit http://fightforwrestling.com/