by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Matt Mitrione defeated street fighting legend and fellow “The Ultimate Fighter 10” participant Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson in a lopsided fight at UFC 113.

Kimbo, known for his punching power, was left trying to get Mitrione to the ground early as a result of the former NFL player’s striking, particularly his brutal leg kicks.

“I know how they felt when they landed and it felt like those things sunk deep, way in to the bone. It felt like they landed pretty hard,” Mitrione told MMAWeekly.com.

On the ground, Mitrione attempted several submission attempts that had Kimbo in as much trouble as he was in standing with the 31-year-old.

“I was flattered and happy to get some opportunities to get my ground game going,” said Mitrione. “I mean I made so many mistakes on every single submission attempt that I went for, but the fact of the matter is I had the mindset to look for them, to see them where there was openings, and I’m happy about that at least.”

It was apparent in the second round that Kimbo was a defeated fighter, but Mitrione felt that he broke the 36-year-old right out of the gate.

“I saw him break in the first round. It was one submission attempt that I went for. It was the Anaconda roll. When I went for the Anaconda I could feel him when I let go because I realized I couldn’t choke him out from that angle – when I let go you could feel this breath like, ‘oh God,'” recollected the Duke Roufus trained athlete.

“He knew he couldn’t stand up with me anymore and his ground game wasn’t going anywhere, or I wasn’t going to go anywhere I should say. I could feel at that point that it was as I say done dotta.”

The finish of the fight came late in round two when Mitrione had Kimbo mounted and was raining down shots to the bearded brawler. Kimbo put up little defense and many felt the fight could have been stopped before it was, including Mitrione.

“He wasn’t doing anything. He was laying there with an ‘X’ across his face with his forearms, which pretty much took all angles away,” said Mitrione. “I was really happy that there was so much time left in the round because I was on him for probably 40-45 seconds punching him and that’s a pretty long time stuck in mount when you’re punching somebody.”

Critical of his UFC 113 performance, Mitrione knows he has a lot to work on, but was still happy with the result.

“I made a tremendous amount of mistakes and for the amount of mistakes I made I’m really happy that I was able to come out on top,” stated Mitrione.

“I knew there were a couple of things we needed to work on and one of them was getting used to the adrenaline dump. I have cardio for days in the gym and when I fight it kind of throws me off a little bit. My commitmentship helped me get through because I was dedicated to win, but there are certain things that come with being a new fighter that I have to get used to,” added Mitrione.

“I really wanted to knock him out standing up, but I got a win. I got my check. I got my win check as well, so it kind of is what it is. I’m paying bills and that’s what it’s all about.”