Mitch Ramirez ramping up as he takes undefeated streak into Fierce FC: New Era

February 15, 2020

After two highly successful years in the amateur ranks, lightweight Mitch Ramirez made the move up to the pros in 2019 and continued his winning streak, which he carries into Fierce FC: New Era on Saturday.

So far in seven bouts combined, Ramirez has gone undefeated, with five finishes across his seven victories.

“For me (2019) was a big year turning pro and having the wins I had in the fashion I had them,” Ramirez told “It was a lot of things coming together for me. For me it was an awesome year both in my fight career and personal life. It was probably the best (year) I ever had.”

Though he’s been virtually flawless in his fights so far, that doesn’t mean Ramirez is content with how he’s been performing.

“I’m always my biggest critic,” said Ramirez. “I go back and watch my fights over and over, and even when it’s a great performance I see the mistakes I might have made; I should have done this or I should have done that.

“I’m always my biggest critic, but not to a point where it’s negative. I do like to look at the positives and be realistic about what I can change, what I can adjust, because I know if I don’t make those corrections, eventually somebody is going to correct me (in a fight).”

This Saturday in West Valley City, Utah, Ramirez (2-0) will look to continue his winning streak when he faces Dave Neymour (0-1) in a main card lightweight bout at Fierce FC: New Era.

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“I don’t know a ton about the guy,” Ramirez said of Neymour. “I’ve watched some film on him, but there’s not a lot on him. I’ve just been going off what I’ve heard here and there.

“For me it’s just going in there body peaked, ready to fight, use my skills everywhere, take the fight to him, and when he gives me an opening take it.”

Just at the start of his pro career, Ramirez is choosing to focus on what he himself needs to do to succeed and leaves the road mapping to his team.

“I take it fight by fight and let my management figure out the game plan and where we’re going,” said Ramirez. “I definitely want to be more active year.

“Last year I had a couple of injuries here and there that weren’t enough to sideline me completely, but were bad enough to keep me from taking a fight the next month type of thing. This year going forward the plan is to be a little more active and hopefully put myself in a position to take the next step up to a big organization.”